While our goal is to set a new type of venue for Sun City Solos/Singles, we want our members to feel both welcome and safe. Thus, we have established a few simple, common-sense policies to make sure this happens.


NOTE: This club is for singles only – couples who want to attend events together are much better suited for any number of other SCOV clubs. Thus, if you are in a stable, long-term relationship, please contact us so that we can remove you from our list (and make room for others at limited venues) – and enjoy your new partner!!!

The Active Solos Club is operated and maintained for single/unmarried adults.  Signature on the membership application warrants that as of the date of signing the application, the applicant is in fact single and living without a “life partner”.

Per Sun City rules, 20% of club membership may be non-residents.

Non-Members may attend one Active Solos Club event without membership. Thereafter, they will be expected to join if they want to continue to attend.

While we charge no dues, some of our events and administration occasionally requires revenue.


While our primary means of communications is through email to our members, important information is also listed on this website and in The Tipster. 

Members using email to contact Solos members (mainly to announce events THEY are planning) are expected to use the following email protocol: To: (sender), Cc (copy): Club Leadership, BCC: all other Club Members


Your photos will not be published on this site if you said “No” on the application. Your info will not appear on our shared members file if you said “No” on the application.

Please do not attend our events if you have not been fully vaccinated and boosted for Covid-19.


Should a club member display behavior in a negative manner by words and/or actions, that member may be counseled by the club leadership and if need-be, subsequently withdrawn from the clubs’ membership. Complaints should be brought to the attention of the officers who will then consider possible response. Per SCOV Club Rules and Regulations, “Members who are abusive, project an undesirable or inappropriate image, or who unnecessarily and blatantly create turmoil, disruption and dissension among club members, other clubs or SCOV in general, may have their club membership suspended or revoked. Club officers and/or the Board of Directors shall initiate such action, with right of appeal to the SCOV Board of Directors.”

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